Pocket Size Natural Perfumes

Farfalla's natural perfumes are now available in practical pocket sizes. Always have your favourite scent at hand when you need it. The natural blend of ingredients makes these perfumes one of a kind. 

Natural perfumes are as manifold as nature itself. Farfalla, a Swiss brand, has gone beyond the trend to produce perfumes using natural ingredients and are completely free from synthetic substances.The pure essences used stem from controlled organic agriculture. 

Artificial & Natural Fragrances - A Comparison

The reason behind the widespread use of synthetic fragrance substances is manifold.

Synthetic fragrance substances are

  • cheap compared to natural essences.

  • producible in any scent - there are also scents that do not occur in nature such as strawberry or lilac.

  • always have the same scent and stays on the skin longer.

  • harmful due to their artificial composition and poor degradability. This can lead to individual substances accumulating in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the body, thus allergies may become more apparent in the long run.

Farfalla has conscientiously taken a different path to this approach. For 30 years they have been producing natural perfumes and their production methods have not changed much. All raw materials are weighed, blended and filled by hand.

As with other natural cosmetics, the use of natural perfumes contributes to environmental protection. The scent lasts up to four hours due to mainly essential oils having been used in the formulation. 

Unique Scent

Many perfume brands suggest what holds true to Farfalla's natural perfumes: uniqueness. No one perfume is identical due to two reasons: Firstly, the ingredients used vary with every harvest which effectively changes the fragrance notes. Secondly, the composition of the skin is not the same from person to person. The fragrance reacts differently and as such a unique scent is created. 

So, if you are looking for a natural perfume that is unique and identifiable, then the range of natural perfumes by Farfalla is just what you need!