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The bjobj face creams do not contain silicone substances (of petrochemical origin whose function is to improve product performance), but only very nourishing vegetal oils that make the formula particularly rich.
For this reason a small quantity is all it takes to moisturize and nourish your facial skin. Simply massage lightly and briefly to allow the product to be fully absorbed into the skin.

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Our facial skin is the first message we convery about ourselves, a reflection of who we are and how much care and love we have for ourselves and for our well-being.

Skin can be delicate and easily reddened, mixed and impure, normal, dry or mature.

Whatever your skin type is, you know that it needs to be taken care of, day after day. 

To be protected, respected and preserved from external agents and from the relentless passing of the time. The bjobj face line offers the possibility to find, for each skin type, the right treatment to keep it beautiful, radiant, protected, young and fresh.
Natural face creams, delicate, pleasant to use on a daily basis, in the full awareness of choosing safe and certified products that have been dermatologically tested.