Eco-friendly Cleaners - Go Green!

Eco-friendly Cleaners - Go Green!

Conventional cleaners promise effortless cleaning action in a fraction of the time. All cleaners, whether chemical-laden or not, are able to do the job you require of them, or do they?

The difference in whether to opt for one cleaner over another is not dependent on its cleaning action, but what the formulation is made up of. What are the effects of cleaners that contain chemical cocktails on both humans and our environment?

Numerous conventional agents contain an array of aggressive substances that can harm our health and our surrounding environment. The good news is, that we now have alternatives in the form of eco-friendly and organic cleaning agents.

No nasties

When using eco-friendly cleaning agents, we no longer stand at risk of taking in aggressive and harmful substances through breathing or absorbing through our skin. We forgo having to worry about chemical deposits being left behind on surfaces and floors making our home and surrounding living areas safe for our children and pets too, reducing the risk of certain diseases from developing, such as asthma.

Safety comes first

Most organic cleaners use mild cleaning substances, which lead to them being well tolerated by the skin. Fewer aggressive substances reduce the risk of skin irritations, and foul odours and are also non-flammable.

At Ecco Verde, we have recently started stocking products by the brands Sonnet, Sodasan and Klar that produce cleaning agents which are toxin-free, safe to use and eco-friendly.

If you are interested in swapping out your conventional cleaners for greener and safer ones, why not browse our sister shop Ecosplendo for a larger variety of eco-friendly household cleaners, laundry detergents and more.