Facial Cleansing: 5 Common Mistakes Exposed

Facial Cleansing: 5 Common Mistakes Exposed

Today, we're giving you the scoop on the 5 most common mistakes made when cleansing the face and tips on how to ensure you're facial cleansing regime benefits your skin type.

We know that facial cleansing is a vital step in any beauty routine, but how often should we cleanse, which technique should we follow and which cosmetic products are suitable?

Take your time

A quick face cleanse under the shower or forgetting to remove make-up before bed is a total fail when aiming to preserve a clear, impurity-free and healthy complexion. It's important to take your time when cleansing the face to ensure that we get the best out of this beauty step. Toxins, pollution, smog and dirt particles - just to name a few - accumulate on the surface of the skin. In order to avoid nasty breakouts, clogged pores and the like, take a few extra minutes to massage the face with a cleaning product in the evening as well as in the morning. This helps to destress in the evening and boost circulation for an energised feel in the morning.

Temperature control

A hot cleanse does sound very tempting does it not? However, using hot water on the skin can damage the capillaries and strip the natural oils produced by the glands. As a result, the skin is more prone to irritation and dryness. It is best to rinse the skin with lukewarm water instead. Alternatively, wet a cloth, wring out any excess water and place it on the skin for a few seconds. This helps to dissolve make-up and dirt particles from the skin prior to even using a cleansing product.


A number of skin problems can be traced back to the aggressive ingredients found in certain cleansers. If your skin is feeling "spotlessly clean" after cleansing, this may be an indication that the natural oils have been stripped from its surface by sulphates or alcohol. It is best to opt for milder, natural cleansers that preserve a healthy state of skin.

Aggressive exfoliants

Face scrubs and exfoliants do benefit the skin, given they are not used too frequently or do not attack the skin's barrier. If used too often, the skin may become irritated or damaged. These supplementary cosmetic products should be applied 1 to 2 times a week to buff away any dead skin cells.

Double-cleansing, the downside

Double-cleansing is all the rave right now. But don't get too caught up in it being a good regime before taking a closer look at the facts - or more importantly, at the ingredients hiding in conventional cleansers. Oftentimes, cleansers and make-up removers are packed with sulphates and/or skin-stripping alcohol. We suggest removing make-up using a mild, unrefined plant oil like coconut, almond or jojoba oil and follow up with a mild cleanser as a double-cleansing product. We offer several natural, good-for-skin cleansers at Ecco Verde worth taking a peek at. Browse our collection here.