Fragrances Make Sense

Fragrances form and create reality. An example: How does one know that it's spring? Quite simply, when everything smells of fresh flowers. The scent of violets, rhododendrons and lilacs attract insects, who in turn, fill the air with their buzzing. One deep breath and you are transported into the depth of beautiful childhood memories like air bubbles that are making their way to the water's surface.

Spring is a wonderful example to illustrate what a great role scents and fragrances play in our daily lives and how they influence people. They are much more important than one might imagine because they shape our perception and reality.

How does this happen? Our sense of smell transports scents directly to the brain. They stimulate the nervous system and hormones are set free. That is also the reason why they have an influence on our well-being, which can change in a split second.

The right scents can positively affect our mood because they are linked to memories and sensations in the brain. This effect can be practised at home, giving your own four walls a personal touch. The sense of smell determines whether one feels comfortable in a space or a building.

Different fragrances have different effects. Lemon refreshes and invigorates, promoting concentration. Lavender has relaxing and soothing effects. Today there are special fragrance mixtures for many situations. Here, individual scents are combined to increase the positive effects. There are fragrance blends to facilitate learning and those that serve to relax the body and mind.

Today one has the option of choosing between how to best incorporate the positive effect of scents: The spectrum ranges from oil burners to herbal pillows. Here is a small selection:

  • Fragrance oils and essential oils provide several hours of fragrant pleasure. Especially in the colder months, fragrance lamps or fragrance stones are very popular. For a pleasant room fragrance, the correct dosage is crucial. One to two drops of essential oil with water create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Incense lends living spaces a strong scent. This type of room scenting comes from Asia. Many Eastern religions believe burning incense has a cleansing effect.
  • Perfumes and fragrances are added to scented candles. The scent is emitted through the flame into the air.
  • Herbal pillows, as the name suggests, are filled with herbs. These can be used either to sleep on, placed in a space or a box.

With this variety of options, every individual taste is catered for. Take an active course in influencing your well-being with scents and fragrances.