How Personal Care Can Be Good for the Planet

How Personal Care Can Be Good for the Planet

Reducing plastic waste made easier.

We’re all becoming more conscious consumers, looking out for excessive packaging when we shop and filling up reusable coffee cups and water bottles, instead of using disposable ones. But one major contributor to environmental waste that we might be neglecting each and every month is our personal care products. The little things you do daily can have a big impact on our environment, but small actions can make a big difference if you look at the big picture.

Impactful everyday routines

Have you ever considered the amount of waste created each month by disposable period products and the chemicals they often contain and that we put inside our bodies? Or that most personal care products often consist of 60-85 % water and are stored in disposable packaging that’s shipped around the world.

If you cut out the water, you can reduce the amount of packaging — and minimize the CO2 emissions that are the result of shipping.

Most people don’t think about this and why would they when it’s just part of your daily life. But small changes can go a long way and when an average household uses 24 disposable hand soap bottles in 1 year, and one person’s use of period products amounts to 528 disposable pads/tampons in just 2 years, it creates a lot of unnecessary waste when you consider that these are in fact products, we all use every day.

4 products that can help you make an impact

Switching to reusable personal care products is a simple and satisfying way of changing your everyday routine while contributing to a cleaner planet at the same time.

AllMatters (formerly OrganiCup) has developed a gentle hand and body wash in powder form or to be more specific, powder-to-foam soap. You bring your starter kit home and easily mix the powder soap with warm water in the recyclable aluminium bottle that it comes with. The bottle reduces the number of disposable products people have in their bathrooms or kitchens and the soap is made to last longer than regular soap. With the 3 refills that come with the starter kit, you have soap for up to 5 months without it taking up a lot of space in your home.

Switching to a reusable period product is both easy, healthy for you and a greener option. AllMatters (formerly OrganiCup) offers two alternatives to disposable pads and tampons – the menstrual cup and period underwear.

AllMatters Period underwear feels and looks much like your regular underwear, but with built-in layers of high-tech materials that all serve different purposes from absorbing your flow to making you feel safe during your menstrual cycle.

Depending on your flow, period underwear can be used instead of a menstrual cup, pads or tampons or along with a cup for extra security.

Period underwear is a great option for those who want to switch to a reusable period product, but don’t like to use one that is inserted (like the cup), a comfortable and conscious alternative to conventional products.

AllMatters period underwear is for a light to moderate flow and holds 1-2 tampons worth. It is available in a black bikini-style and in 7 different sizes (xs-xxxl).

AllMatters (formerly OrganiCup) also offers an easy-to-use menstrual cup, which is designed to be emptied out and washed between uses. Made of 100 per cent medical grade silicone, the menstrual cup is perfectly safe to use and won’t interfere with your body’s natural environment. Plus, it sits securely with no risk of leaking, meaning that you can use it during sports like swimming and yoga, without worrying.

AllMatters menstrual cup is available in three different sizes, making it easy to find the one that’s best suited to you. And unlike tampons, it’s safe to use for up to 12 hours, meaning that you can leave it in overnight.