The Gift of Hygge

The Gift of Hygge

It's gonna be a hygge celebration - Danish celebrating cosiness and togetherness. The Danish cosmetics brand, URTEKRAM, offers a wide selection of cosmetics that brings Scandinavian purity, way of living and geniality into your homely bathroom. The products contain ingredients, such as blueberry, cowberry and juniper berry extracts or roses that are perfect for gift giving or as a secret Santa, Julenissen in Danish, treat.

Christmas in Danish?

The coming together of loved ones, an extra dose of cosiness and a few beautiful traditions: The Kalenderlys (calendar candle) is lit on December 1st. It burns in stages until December 24th. Naturally, many social gatherings take place during the Nordic pre-Christmas period: Julefrokost, Christmas lunch, is a long-standing tradition in Danish Christmas culture where friends, family and colleagues are invited to a meal that lasts all day long. Traditional Christmas markets can be visited across the country. Christmas celebrations begin on December 23rd with the decoration of the Christmas tree. And, of course, the gifts are placed under the tree.

Our gift ideas: A loving embrace

This year has surely taught us how important it is to treasure the togetherness of all we hold dear. Unfortunately, we are unable to show our affection in physical form due to the current circumstances. For those looking to extend a different form of affection can simply not go wrong with the gift ideas from URTEKRAM. "Urte" is Danish for herbs, and "kram" means to embrace. The Ecocert Cosmos Organic approved line of cosmetics by URTEKRAM is filled with potent actives derived from berries, blossoms and leaves that are rich in nourishing effects that indulge the body and mind. The ingredients used are between 99% and 100% of natural origin whilst the formulas are fully biodegradable and 100% vegan. A total of 85% of the assortment is packed in plant-based packaging made from sugar cane waste. Each product is lovingly developed and manufactured in Scandinavia, brimming with the Nordic way of life and love for nature. Of course, no gift can replace physical affection, however, in times like these, it can convey the feeling of being loved and even put a smile on a loved one's face. We find the following gift ideas particularly fitting for the occasion:

Nordic Berries - The Nutrient-rich Vitamin Boost

The fruity Nordic Berries product line exudes a sweet and welcoming fragrance. Enriched with organic extracts captured from sea buckthorn, blueberries and cowberries that are abundant in vitamins and antioxidants, boosting skin and hair resilience. The fruity components tantalise the senses whilst supplying the skin with all it needs during the long and cold winter months. Vitamins and antioxidants combined with hyaluronic acid deliver nourishing moisture. Willow bark extract encourages skin balance revitalisation.

Rose - A fragrant interlude

The Rose product line beguiles the senses with its distinct floral fragrance obtained from Damask rose. It not without reason that URTEKRAM's home is referred to as the "city of roses". Organic rose geranium oil is known for its soothing and nurturing properties and, in combination with rose floral water and rose extract, it lends the skin and the hair a soft feel.

Men - Effortless Cosmetics for Men

The men's cosmetics line has a masculine and fresh scent sourced from juniper berry. These cosmetic must-haves are comprised of 2-in-1 product formulas that contain an effective combination of organic baobab, organic liquorice and organic aloe vera extracts that cleanse and condition men's skin and hair.

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Hej! Did you know that the Nordic beauty brand was established 50 years ago? The company has since been manufacturing organic food and natural cosmetics in the heart of Denmark. "Urtekræmmer", a small health food store, opened its doors to the public in Copenhagen in 1972. Today's production site came to being in 1982 in Nordjütland where the skin, hair and dental care products are manufactured in rustic, quiet and familiar surroundings. URTEKRAM represents more than the meaning behind the name. It stands for a pioneering spirit and commitment as well as a loving and warm embrace.

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