The Potent Skincare Properties of Evening Primrose for Mature Skin

The Potent Skincare Properties of Evening Primrose for Mature Skin

The evening primrose - a plant that was prized by the Native American people - has a meaningful name. When the sun is about to set and the soft darkness of dawn slowly settles over the land, is the ideal time for the evening primrose to come to life. The blossoms open after dark for a very short time (it only takes a few minutes). The plant manages this by accelerating its metabolism, which gives us the opportunity to really see it bloom.

The evening primrose flowers are yellow, large and beautiful. A vibrant colour that virtually glows in the dark, fading again by noon the next day at the latest. The evening primrose blooms from the end of one day to the middle of the next.


The common evening primrose originates from North America. It has always been used and valued by the Native Americans as a food, but also as a medicinal plant. The first evening primrose plants were introduced to Europe as ornamental plants around 1620, where it was consumed in form of salad. Today, it is so common in Europe that many people consider it a native species.

Skincare properties

The skincare properties of the evening primrose were only discovered later in Europe. What makes this plant so unique is its oil formation process. This is in fact very similar to the lipid metabolism of human skin. The oil found in the seeds contains a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids (including linolenic acid), which is also vital for the epidermis, the top layer of skin. These fatty acids are the building blocks that make up the cell membrane. They contribute significantly to the formation and maintenance of the skin barrier. Evening primrose oil protects against moisture loss and supports the natural skin barrier. It soothes rough areas and promotes skin regeneration.

Especially good for mature skin

The largest organ in the body, our skin, is constantly exposed to negative and harmful environmental influences. One can argue, that this is ultimately the function of the skin - to protect us against these influences. Nevertheless, this does not mean that our skin will survive these negative influences unscathed. This can best be seen in the increasing changes in our skin with age. The older someone becomes, the more the skin's metabolic performance decreases. It can no longer regenerate as quickly and loses its resistance significantly.

In addition, hormonal changes occur - and, as we all know from puberty, these can have an enormous effect on the complexion. The altered hormones make the skin thinner, which makes it prone to dehydration. In addition, the formation of collagen and elastin decreases, so the skin loses its resilience and elasticity.

The consequence of all these changes is all too well known: wrinkles appear that change the contours of the face. Evening primrose oil can help in this regard. Its firming and revitalising properties slow down these processes.

Today, many products use evening primrose oil to support the skin, nourish it and care for it in order to maintain its radiance.

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