Lanolin (wool wax)

Lanolin, Lanolin (Adeps Lanae)

Lanolin comes from the sebaceous secretion of sheep, which is extracted from the wool fleece of the animal. After washing the non-woven fabrics, through the centrifugation of the wash water the raw wool wax can be obtained and further processed.
In cosmetics, lanolin is effective in moisturizing, softening and healing cracks in the skin and dry, scaly skin. It offers the ideal base for injured skin or skin affected by atopic dermatitis or psoriasis as it counteracts inflammation and promotes skin regeneration. It can penetrate very deeply into the skin and hold onto the moisture there. Lanolin also has a very low allergic potential.

Wool alcohol (Lanolin Alcohol): wool wax alcohols are isolated, unsaponifiable components of raw wool wax and are used as emulsifiers in cosmetic products. They consist mainly of sterols and thus improve the barrier function of the skin and bind moisture to the skin. Wool wax alcohols are also moisturizing and make the skin feel soft and supple. In lipsticks and lip care products, they are considered to improve the consistency factor, promote healing and improve the adhesion of moisture to the skin. They are often used as the basis for ointments.

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