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Weleda is one of the largest German natural cosmetics producers - influenced by anthroposophy, and keeping people and nature's best interest at heart!

Anthroposophy can be described as a spiritual and esoteric, holistic philosophy, which assumes that humans can perceive their environment not only through the mind and the senses but also through feelings and thoughts. This idea is not only found in medicine, pedagogy or art but is also reflected in biodynamic agriculture, which in turn is decisive for the product range - only in a respectful manner and with the interaction of all individual disciplines is it possible to grow plants and food with "substance" and thus provide humans and the environment with only the best.

Equally important for Weleda are quality and sustainability - this begins with the cultivation of the raw materials and continues throughout the entire supplier and production chain. Weleda believes that all links in the production chain must work equally conscientiously and at a high standard in order to be able to manufacture a high-quality and effective product. This can be guaranteed thanks to extensive and strict quality control.

Weleda products are certified NaTrue and free from:

  • animal testing
  • petroleum products
  • synthetic fats, dyes and fragrance
  • silicones and paraffin

Weleda offers an extensive selection of highly effective skincare formulas that have won over the hearts of many. One of their best-selling product lines is the Skin Food collection. What started out with the original Skin Food Cream has now expanded to body butter, body lotion, lip balm and more. This product line is known to replenish the moisture levels of dry skin and rougher areas of the body.

In terms of hair care, one can never go wrong with the Weleda Invigorating Hair Tonic: a true hero when it comes to revitalising the hair to stimulate hair growth and minimise hair loss.

Weleda has created a series of products specially dedicated to little ones, the most popular of them being the Calendula Nappy Change Cream. An excellent natural alternative that protects the delicate skin of the diaper area whilst providing nourishment and supporting the skin's natural functions.