Natural Cosmetics for Animals

BioBao is the first complete line of products for pets certified AIAB Eco Bio Cosmesi
and Stop to tests on animals approved by LAV (Anti-Vivisection League)
We make use of raw materials of vegetal origin, extracts and oils from certified organic farming.
We do not make use of any substances of petrochemical or animal origin, synthetic colourings, sls, sles, peg, isothiazolinones, parabens, gmo. 

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All BioBao products are certified.
AIAB Eco Bio Cosmesi. I.C.E.A. (Institute for the Ethical and Environmental Certification) certifies that this product complies with the regulations set by rigid production specifications registered at A.I.A.B. (Italian Association of Organic Farming) by checking the ingredients, the formulas, the production process and the finished product.
Stop to tests on animals. L.A.V. (Anti-Vivisection League –, together with other European animalist associations championed this campaign not only to forbid the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals but also to make manufacturing companies aware and get them involved. This standard sets the principles to avoid the increase of the experimentation of cosmetics on animals and ensure a ‘cruelty free’ corporate policy.
It has been drafted in cooperation with the major worldwide animalist associations guided by ECEAE (European Coalition Against Vivisection – which LAV belongs to.
The companies in possession of this certification are committed not to practise and not to let others putting into practise the animal experimentation neither on finished products nor on any single ingredient.