Eye Creams: Necessity or Unnecessary?

Eye Creams: Necessity or Unnecessary?

Many of us are conflicted when it comes to whether an eye cream is needed in our beauty routine or not. We're here to shine some light on the matter. Eye creams tend to be on the pricier side and oftentimes one can be hesitant as to whether the delicate skin under the eyes would really benefit from these special cosmetic products. We'll say this much, eye creams are not essential but have their own advantages. Let's have a closer look at the facts.

Hard Facts

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and does not possess any sebaceous glands, which means that it cannot produce any oil. At the same time, this area tends to be prone to dryness and fine lines. An eye cream that is rich in nourishing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as essential fatty acids or echium can help support the sensitive area by providing it with needed moisture.

Delicate Balance

The eyes are exceptionally sensitive and can easily become itchy, stingy or teary. So, when opting for an eye cream it is vital that the product pick does not contain any irritating ingredients such as alcohol or synthetic fragrances.

How To

For best results, it is recommended to apply eye creams in the morning after toning and prior to applying your daily moisturiser. Gently pat the cream along the upper cheekbone and allow the eye area to draw the cream towards the eye region. This ensures that the optimum amount of moisture is absorbed by the skin.

Tip: Gently stimulate the skin around the eyes by lightly massaging the cream into the skin, tapping it into the skin around the eye sockets using your ring finger. Remember, when it comes to eye creams less is more. It's best to apply a thin layer of cream for better absorption. If too much cream is applied to the delicate area it could lead to swelling and irritation.

UV Protection - ALWAYS

Whether you're team eye cream or not it is essential to protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun with the help of mineral SPF as these provide instant protection immediately after application. Sunglasses, make-up with an SPF of 30 or higher and a hat are important additional protection measures.

Product Recommendations

At Ecco Verde, we have a wide selection of eye creams. We recommend the Pai Skincare Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream if you're new to using eye creams. This eye cream is excellent for sensitive eyes and skin that are prone to irritation. It soothes and smooths over fine lines and wrinkles. The ultra-light formula is quickly absorbed by the skin and is ideal for use on dry skin as well as eczema-prone skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties.