Fragrance Free by URTEKRAM

Fragrance Free by URTEKRAM

Find Balance: Naturally

The new sensitive skin, fragrance-free product line by URTEKRAM forgoes the use of synthetic fragrances which is in line with the high standards of certified natural cosmetics.

The use of natural fragrances is permitted, such as essential oils and plant extracts. As is the case with food, they are fantastic components as long as they are well tolerated by the skin. Certified, fragrance-free products are thus the ideal choice for sensitive skin or those who prefer a more minimalistic approach to cosmetics.

URTEKRAM Nordic Beauty's new fragrance free product line is formulated without the use of fragrances which helps sensitive skin and scalp types find their balance. The product line replaces the former No Perfume* collection with improved formulas and particularly soft textures. Effective compositions targeted towards skin and hair care. Bonus: the ultra-mild product line is Allergy Certified making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

*The No Perfume line for babies remains unaltered.

Fragrance Free collection:

  • vegan
  • up to 99 - 100% ingredients of natural origin
  • natural and organic certification according to Ecocert Cosmos Organic
  • Allergy Certified
  • made in Denmark

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Did you know: the Scandinavian natural cosmetics brand was founded nearly 50 years ago? URTEKRAM's success story began in 1972 when "Urtekræmmer" (an old term used to describe a merchant selling herbs and spices) was founded in Copenhagen. It was a kind of health food store, in which the idea of eco-friendliness, sustainability, organic and fair trade quality prevailed. It was extremely innovative at the time because very few people were focused on these concepts. Success quickly followed and the demand became so great that in 1989 the company moved to Danish Nodjutland to produce its own products, where it is still located to this day.

URTEKRAM is a name full of meaning! URTE is the Danish word for "herbs" and is, therefore, representative of the many plant ingredients used in the brand's product formulas. KRAM refers to the origins of the company, a small health food shop featuring herbs and natural foods located in Copenhagen. The word KRAM also means "warm hug" in Danish.

URTE | herbs

KRAM | warm hug