Let's talk eyeliner!

Let's talk eyeliner!

Which eyeliner is best for which eye shape?

Eyeliners have become an indispensable part of today's make-up game.

Basically, anything goes, nothing has to. If you have narrow eyes (that means the eyes are close together) and you want to rock the foxy look, go for it! The following explanations only serve as a small guideline and help you to accentuate your eyes in the best possible way.

Let's start!

The Tightline: A narrow line along your lash line makes your lashes look fuller without attracting much attention. Any eye shape can wear it.

The Classic: Here you extend your Tightline a little outwards and thus create a small but fine wing. This visually lengthens your eye a little, but not too dramatically. Suitable for every eye shape and for every occasion.

The Bold: Now it's getting dramatic. The boldliner is particularly suitable for cat-eye lovers and looks particularly beautiful when combined with a nude lip. This eyeliner technique is more suitable for almond-shaped and round eyes with a more visible lid surface. With drooping eyelids, the wing could go under due to the excess of skin.

C-Wing: The eyeliner for drooping eyelids and deep-set eyes: For this eyeliner technique, start with the wing and look straight ahead in the mirror. Next, you connect your wing in a C-shape with your upper lash line. Yes, with your eyes closed, your liner may look a little different than you are used to. But with the eye open everyone can see your wing, which is often not possible with deep-set eyes or drooping eyelids, as the skin hangs over them.

This eyeliner is particularly suitable for deep-set eyes and drooping eyelids. If the lid surface is much more visible, the C-shape would be too visible, so we would recommend a weaker form of the bold wing here.

Foxy Eyes: It's getting trendy! Lengthening the inner corner of the eye will make your eyes look longer. This is particularly suitable for round and/or small eyes and also visually draws your eyes closer to each other, which is why particularly wide eyes benefit from this technique. If the eyes are narrow, we recommend not drawing the inner wing too long and slightly highlighting the inner corner so that the eyes are not optically drawn further inwards.

Smokey Liner: The softer version of the eyeliner. Use your favourite gel eyeliner for this and blend it out with a fluffy brush. This liner is suitable for every eye shape and suits every occasion.

Smokey Outer V: This is where the lower outer lash line is connected to the upper eyeliner. This ensures larger eyes and a cat-eye effect, from which particularly narrow eyes benefit, as it visually pulls the eyes apart. Wide eyes should possibly combine this technique with a Foxy Wing inside. The Smokey Outer V also looks great with drooping eyelids.

Reverse Cat-Eye: The Next Trend Eyeliner. With the Reverse Cat Eye, the name says it all, you paint your cat-eye wing on the lower instead of your upper lash line, which makes for a very interesting look. This liner is particularly recommended for drooping eyelids, as the entire wing is visible. For drooping eyes (the outer corner of the eye is lower than the inner corner), we would advise against this eyeliner, as it can emphasise the drooping shape even more.

We are very happy that you can emphasise your upper and lower lashline in so many ways. With this in mind, we wish you a lot of fun with Wing-ing!

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