Saint Charles: Cosmetics Rich In Tradition

Saint Charles: Cosmetics Rich In Tradition

Saint Charles unites tradition with innovation to produce natural cosmetics that is based on TEM.

Saint Charles represents products that are developed according to traditional European medicine. Modern, natural cosmetics for skin, hair and body are created using the basis of this knowledge. Additionally, the brand produces teas for the mind and body. The product range reflects the tried-and-tested methods combined with modern finding to create new and improved cosmetics.

Real Tradition

The brand was formed in 1886 and has since been an establishment in Mariahlf, Vienna. Since 2006 it has been known as Saint Charles. During the same year, the Saint Charles Cosmothecary for Natural Cosmetics and corresponding treatments was established to process local herbs into valuable natural cosmetics and delicious tea infusions. For this purpose two of their own brands were formed: Saint Charles Cosmetics and Naturals.


The pillars of their philosophy are the following:

Traditional European medicine (TEM), whereby the holistic approach in on the body as a while. If something disturbs the equilibrium, the body and mind are in imbalance and needs to be supported to order to find its balance once more.

Innovation: safetly, sustainability and quality are guaranteed thanks to pharmaceutical knowledge that has been passed on through generations and being adapted and improved through the latest findings.

This, in turn, results in customer satisfaction. Saint Charles not only fulfils customer expectations but strives to surpass them.

Meticulous Raw Material Selection

Only the best, high-quality raw materials are selected and incorporated into the Saint Charles cosmetic collection. Thus, producers and suppliers are chosen with careful thought. They need to fulfil the highest ecological standards while also delivering the purest organic quality.

Wide Product Range

Saint Charles has a wide range of products which include:

  • Delicious, high-quality tea compositions
  • Captivating fragrance blends
  • High-quality cosmetics
  • Pampering wellness products

You can find their range here: Saint Charles product range