Solid Cosmetics by La Saponaria

Solid Cosmetics by La Saponaria

Natural cosmetics in eco-friendly packaging

We can minimize our environmental impact by opting for natural cosmetics with environmentally friendly packaging or by opting for zero-waste alternatives. But what does zero-waste actually mean and what decisions can each and every one of us make in order to slow down ongoing climate change? We are all familiar with images displaying tons of plastic floating in the ocean and animals that are injured or die as a result of it. It's disturbing images that tell us that the world we live in is being challenged by the way we live and that we need to rethink and change our behaviour so that the situation does not get worse.

Fortunately, in recent years, many young people are campaigning for environmental preservation and taking to the streets in peaceful protests in cities around the world to battle climate change. Their call: concrete measures for each individual to minimise the impact on the environment.
At the same time, many companies have been working in this direction for years to offer increasingly environmentally friendly products. La Saponaria, an Italian natural cosmetics laboratory, is one of them.
Minimising the impact that our daily activities have on the environment is possible and within everyone's reach. It begins with the choice of cosmetics with sustainable packaging.

Solid cosmetics free from plastic packaging

What we can do is be more mindful about purchasing cosmetics that use as little plastic packaging as possible. Several options are available on the market today. The easiest way is to switch to solid cosmetic alternatives: shampoos, shower gels, or simply bars of soap. These alternatives are in no way inferior to liquid formulas, offering the same, if not more intensive, nourishing and caring properties.

Solid cosmetics also include waterless beauty products - face masks and cleansers that are formulated without the use of water. They offer a great advantage in that they are highly concentrated, have less impact on the environment, and are superior to traditional cream products in terms of effectiveness. Less water means more room for active ingredients and forgoing preservatives which are required in all water-based formulas. These product types can be found within the WONDER POP product line and include make-up removers, face masks, face scrubs and hand scrubs. The INNER product line offers a range of solid and natural liquid cosmetics housed in bioplastic packaging - including shampoos and conditioners.

Use of solid shampoos

Solid shampoos are dehydrated and therefore extremely concentrated. It suffices to moisten your hands slightly to emulsify the shampoo. Rub the bar of shampoo over the hair to distribute the right amount of product.

The shampoos are small and compact making them ideal for travel. They can easily be stored in hand luggage without having leakages or quantity restrictions.

The only extra precaution needed with solid cosmetics compared to bottled ones is not to leave them near water and to store them on surfaces where they are able to dry quickly, such as soap dishes made of wood or ceramic.

Solid shampoos do not require plastic bottles and are also more compact, take up less space and have numerous advantages when it comes to transport. You can wash your hair as often with one truckload of solid shampoos as you would with 15 truckloads of liquid shampoos.

More conscious packaging

Saying goodbye to plastic also means looking for alternative materials, such as glass or recycled aluminium - materials that can easily be reused in the household and thus upcycled.
Bioplastics are a great environmentally friendly material. The term refers to a specific type of plastic made from organic material that is recyclable after use.
Green plastics are made from polyethene, a material that is not made from petroleum but from sugar cane and is, therefore, a "bio-based" material. That is, it consists of plant material and does not include any fossil materials or components of fossil origin (coal or oil).

When it comes to eco-friendly cosmetics, La Saponaria goes beyond the environmental vision and offers a broader ethical concept of respect for consumers and the planet. Even their selection of raw materials is geared towards preference given to "0 km raw materials" from local cultivation, which are grown according to fair, ethical and environmentally friendly guidelines.